SAN for the Small to Medium Enterprise

Storage Area Networks (SANs) are now becoming more affordable for small and medium enterprises. Very advanced storage options that were pricey five years ago are now available in packages designed for the SME.

The reasons for SANs in business are legion. No true virtualization can occur without shared storage. SANs allow for the seamless addition of new data storage for growth. A shared storage pool allows for simple management and administration of the storage needs for the business quickly and in one place.

True virtualization requires shared storage. The ability to have virtual machines move seamlessly between physical hosts will require that the physical hosts both have access to the same virtual machines files.

Most shared storage on the market today allows for seamless, on-the-fly storage changes to existing data partitions and virtual machines. This means that you can expand your storage hot and-on-the-fly with a minimum service disruption.

Being able to manage your entire storage system, or most of your storage system from a single pane of glass with common commands and comprehensive management screens saves time. It allows automation of simple repetitive tasks, and lets systems admins put the available storage where the storage is needed.

So – all this is well and good. But what should I as an SME IT professional be looking for in a storage unit that will both make my life easier, and is affordable?

Coming soon – What functionality should my storage support?

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