Disaster recovery is not just about backup tapes.  Business is becoming so prevalent and omnipresent, that many businesses consider ANY data outage to be unacceptable.  Because of the changing face of disaster recovery, many businesses are starting to plan for business continuity (COB) instead of the tried and true “tape backups”.

When considering how to recover from a data outage, there are two primary factors to consider.  How quickly do I want to have my systems back up and operational (Recovery Time Objective or RTO)?  How long will it take me to get the data loaded back on the systems and have access to that data?

When was the data recorded that I am now loading back on my systems (Recovery Point Objective or RPO)?

Let’s take a couple of examples of RTO and RPO in today’s business world.

In a bank or financial institution, there are several different systems that require different RTO and RPO objectives.  Depositor account information needs to be recovered as quickly and as accurately as possible.  Leaving your depositors with no access to their accounts, or with balances that reflect last week’s information is sure to impact customer confidence AND your bank’s bottom line.  Email systems for your employees may not be as demanding.  Having an outage for a few hours, and losing a few emails may not be quite as damaging as having no ATMs working, or incorrect balances in your web-based banking portal.  And finally, being able to bring up the General Ledger reports from last quarter to close the books, or generate reports for the annual report may be able to be put off for days or weeks, and having older data is not an issue, as long as the data stored has not changed.

Take a hospital or health care organization as an example.  Extreme RTO and RPO situations may be the treatment records or patient care information.  Having treatments or medication given to the same patient twice may have deadly consequences.  There are other systems that may not be as critical.  Billing and payment systems are important, but can be recovered in a few days or weeks.  And finally, the memos and reports that have been generated by hospital staff may be important, but in a pinch, they can be reproduced if need be.

There are many different tools and means to address these different RTOs and RPOs across the different systems.  The only constant rule is that the shorter the RTO and smaller the RPO, the more expensive the solution.  Let AR Consultant Group help guide your business unit to understand your needs and plan and implement Dr planning to meet your requirements.

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