Virtualizing desktops is no longer a pipe-dream.  For years, IT managers dreamed of simplified administration, greater ease of updates or adding applications to users.  Every administrator could see the advantages.

Now, VDI is becoming a true reality.  User demand and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) crowd are driving VDI offerings that include subscription based, cloud accessible, end-user self help.  The advantages of large-scale virtualization are now being offered to the end user.

At a price you can afford, you can let your users access their applications and emails from whichever device they choose.  Seamlessly install that new application to an entire class of desktop users – or back-out that misbehaving update until things have settled down.  Anyway you slice it, VDI is bringing great efficiencies to the IT staff, and AR Consultant Group can help you make it a reality.