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In today’s business world the information that you own and generate is as important as the products and services that you sell.  Data is continually growing and at an astounding rate.  Currently, device storage space is growing at approximately 10% per year compounded, but the ability to manage and access that data is not keeping pace.  Businesses are running into issues having enough hours in the day to backup and replicate their data.  Federal and local legislation is underway to digitize common data.   Archival data for compliance purposes is also exacerbating this storage crunch.   Is it any wonder that so many businesses are continually confused by the fast-changing technology of data storage even though these changes allow companies to store business information faster, more reliably, more securely, and more economically?

AR Consultant Group specializes in all aspects of data at rest.  This includes the customization and professional installation of storage systems for companies throughout the country and internationally.  With decades of experience in the storage industry, the professionals at AR Consultant Group are uniquely qualified to help your business wade through the confusing jargon and find storage solutions that fit your business needs and your business budget.  Whether it is a new high-end Storage Area Network (SAN) solution to help your business take advantage of the cost-savings of high-speed shared storage or adding archival-tiered disk to allow your business to make the most of the storage that you already own, AR Consultant Group can help. 

We work closely with leading storage manufacturers to bring your business new stable technology that was available just a few years ago only to the Fortune 500 and cost millions of dollars to implement.  As a vender-neutral consultant to your business AR Consultant Group can help you find the best fit both from a feature/functionality standpoint and from a cost advantage perspective.


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